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Entry #2

Pay Attention if you live in NYC

2009-10-26 18:56:18 by ElGuaSon

So if you're reading this post, obviously you live in New York City. And if you live in New York City, then obviously you kno about the pathetic candidates we have to choose between for mayor. Listen, neither of these politicians, Thompson or Bloomberg, are any real politicians for the people. Bloomberg talks about how he's for the middle class yet he raises taxes on the middle class and housing taxes and decides to have private contractors rather than city union workers, most of whom are middle class. Thompson just seems like he's running just to run, because there is no better candidate. Please, to avoid our city falling into the hands of ineptitude or greed by unknowing politicians or out of touch billionaires, lets follow Richard Pryor's example in Brewsters Millions and vot for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!! Tell everyone you know, and tell them to tell everyone they know. We cant afford this farce of a mayoral run, at such an important juncture in our time. PEACE


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2009-10-26 18:57:09

I don't and never will live in NYC.

Just thought I'd say.

ElGuaSon responds:

uhhhh yeh, ok thanks for being relevant, tard.